World and Hemispheres

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1770 Nicholas Bellin  Map of the World
Pacific Shore Maps Title: “Planisphere Suivant la Projection de Mercator” Cartograph..
Ex Tax: $175.00
1776 Nouve Scoperte de Russi  al nord del mare del Sud si nell Asia,...che nell America
Zatta, Antonio Place: Venice Date:1776 Dimensions and Type: 12 x 15.5 inched; copperplate engravi..
Ex Tax: $850.00
1860 Johnson & Browning World in Hemispheres---1st edition
Pacific Shore Maps     Title:  “Johnson’s Eastern Hem..
Ex Tax: $45.00
1919 Mercantile Atlas Map of Panama Canal & the World
Pacific Shore Maps   Title:   “The Panama Canal” &nb..
Ex Tax: $20.00
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