1852 (2015) A New Map of the Gold Region in California (Reproduction)

1852 (2015) A New Map of the Gold Region in California (Reproduction)
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Charles Drayton Gibbes

(2015) 1852. (King City, Ca) Stockton, California 2

2.5 x 16.6 on a 24 x 18 sheet (original was 28 x 20 inches}

4- Color press REPRODUCTION

The original map was the first edition of one of an important and rare map of the California Gold Rush.

"This map...because of its large scale [about 20 miles to the inch] and clear markings in colors of the different counties, is one of the most satisfactory of the early California maps. It shows the state before Klamath County in the north, and Nevada and Placer counties in the center, had been set apart and thus gives an earlier representation than the Butler map published the same year which shows those new counties...An important feature of Gibbes' map is that it is one of the first, if not the first, map of California to show county boundaries" (Streeter). C

harles Gibbes came to California from Charleston, South Carolina during the Gold Rush. Gibbes' map was published within a year of California being admitted into the Union as a part of the Compromise of 1850. Gold production reached its peak in 1852, the year after the map was published. Many mining camps are pictured, including Tuolumne City, Empire City, Jacksonville, Downingville, Coloma, Buck's and Illinoistown.

This map was reproduced for the Map and Atlas Museum of La Jolla’s exhibition of 19th century Gold Rush cartography. It was printed by the Casey Printing Co of King City, California on 80# Finch casa opaque 30%PCM paper.

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